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Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Trust Omar Minaya

“To me, it’s about quality. It’s not so much getting a guy. We will not be afraid to give our young kids a chance to pitch instead of going out there and paying a lot of money for a guy who gives a lot of innings - but they’re not quality innings. There’s a lot of demand for those guys. I’ve gotten a lot of hits on our young guys.”

This quote from Omar Minaya means a lot to me. Despite some issues I've had with him and some of his decisions, I'm actually pretty comfortable with him as a GM. I'm not afraid of starting the season the way the Mets are now. Pedro, El Duque, Maine, Perez, Pelfrey is fine to me. I think Pelfrey continued to grow last season, and his September was good. I think he's a good player with confidence being one of his bigger issues last year. Maine, in my opinion, is excellent, and I'd actually lean towards him as being the 2nd starter, as little as those designations really mean anything. It's not even so much talent, as it is that El Duque's not going to pitch 33 starts next year, he never does. Maine could, so it makes sense to designate more starts to him before the season, as he's more likely to meet the expectations.

Billy Wagner, among others, questions the replacement of Tom "I wouldn't call it devasting" Glavine's win total from last year. Number one, I don't think Glavine is the one that's going to match that total anyway, and number two, I think Pedro is capable of that. Even being babied, he showed me a lot last year near the end of the season, and I really feel he has a lot left. If I could put money on Pedro having a better season than Glavine, I would.

So do we need that Livan Hernandez type guy, who would be able to pitch a good amount of innings to relieve our bullpen? I still think so, but I'm not sold on overpaying these guys either. I think it can be done with what we have.

On another note of confidence in Omar Minaya, has anyone noticed how many second-hand pitchers he's signed? He's gotten a bunch of guys who have fallen out of favor, for almost nothing. Maybe we find that diamond in the rough with one of them, or maybe one of them really gels with how Peterson teaches. If not, it's so easy to cut them loose, you may not even remember they were Mets.

Still over two months until spring training...

P.S. Would it kill the Mets to actually market and make John Maine and Oliver Perez Jersey's? I want a Maine Jersey, but it requires actually getting a custom one made with 33 and Maine on the back, unless someone has seen one somewhere? I certainly haven't.

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