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Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's up doc?

All quiet on the Mets front. They raised ticket prices, which is no surprise. I hate that so many sports franchises seem to treat it solely like a business and forget the working class little people that love and enjoy the game. My last article was about this.

There are still rumors floating around about Johan, and I doubt there is a prospect I would miss past Santana smacking around the Phillies on opening day. We’ll see what happens. It’s not 2008, 2007 is in the past. The holidays are over, and if your not that big a football fan like me, it’s time to start counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report.

Btw, I still have a fourth seat of my Mets Saturday Pack available, if you happen to be one of those fans that wants to go, but has no one to go with regularly. It comes with a nice 27% price increase over last year!

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