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Monday, September 15, 2008

Magic Number Mojo

Obviously baseball is a very superstitious sport.  That doesn't mean jinxes are real, or that some things don't have to happen the way they do.  There are some things you just can't wait until the last minute to plan for.  The playoffs are one of them.  Many Mets fans out there don't want anyone mentioning the magic number for instance, but if these fans got their way the Mets would wake up on October First having made the playoffs, but having even more issues.

A. They already sent the groundscrew home for the winter, so the field isn't ready, the grass isn't cut, the trap hasn't protected the field, (They're knocking it all down anyway right?), and the lines aren't drawn.

b. No one's showing up to see them play, since they never printed or sold the tickets.

c. The vendors and ushers aren't there to escort anyone to their seats or sell them hot dogs.  There aren't any hot dogs anyway, since they didn't reorder from Aramark past September 28th. (Would anyone be surprised if the concessions are out of virtually everything that day, clinched or not?)

d. In fact, the wrecking ball is already dismantling Shea, because everyone told them to assume the season was over October first until told otherwise.  Can't play at Yankee Stadium, since that's meeting the same fate.   

e. If they did manage to play, it wouldn't be on the radio.  Fox has the tv covered, but Howie Rose is already in Uniondale and Wayne Hagin went home. 

f. Mr. Met is off doing weddings and other apperances, unable to man the Pepsi Party Patrol Cannon.  

In all, the number (and not just on Metsblog) has been posted before.  '06 as well as '07.  Would Glavine and Mota have pitched better if the number wasn't up there? no.  Even without it on the main page, it'd be mentioned in every thread.  Everytime you look at the standings and the Phillies score, you're thinking "how many more Mets wins and Phillies loses before we're in?".  So posting it is merely giving us the info we want, which is what the blog is for.  I'm too lazy to come up with a proper auto-updating widget (and don't know javascript well enough) to put up the Magic Number, but it stands at 13 with I believe 26 games left.  

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