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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I hate the offseason.  Not just because there's not baseball, but because all there is is rumor.  Rumors the Mets will get this player, or that player, or talk to this player, or this player wants this money, this many years...yawn.  It's all useless conjecture.  I'd rather just read the news as it happens, not try to guess at it.  Otherwise I'd be a weatherman. (*snicker*).  

It's a minor thing, but I'm debating when I should change the top rail image on the blog.  Right now it's a random picture of the banners that were in right field.  But Shea is no longer the home of the Mets.  Should I post a picture of Citi from the outside, or wait until the first and post a picture from the game?  Decisions decisions..


Anonymous said...

I'd post a picture of Citifield as much I don't like Citibank. Why not change the picture in the meantime to the outside of the original Shea with the blue & orange tiles ?

Ceetar said...

Because I don't really have a nice picture of that. I kind of like using my own photos.

Might not be a bad plan to change the picture to older pictures of Shea throughout the offseason though.

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