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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pedro and the Padres

The Friars come to town this week, followed by the Dodgers. I'm planning on being at Wednesday's game and my usual Saturday game for game numbers 24 and 25 on the season. That's more than Carl Pavano. This team is finally playing with some fire and energy, winning six of their last seven. I expect them to continue this stretch through these next two teams, who may be playoff contenders, but are not in the Mets class. More importantly, I think they'll win more games than the Phillies and Braves over this six game stretch, bringing their division lead to at least six before they go play both of those two teams.

Jeff Conine is on his way, and I really could care less. I hope this isn't a statement on how Delgado is feeling overall, because despite his 2007, I'd rather Delgado at first any day. Castro and Lo Duca healing up is another thing I'm waiting for, despite Mike Difelice doing as well as he is doing. Lo Duca was upset that he went on the DL in the first place, so I expect him to come back healthy and angry, which I suspect is when he's at his best. Pedro Martinez is climbing the ladder, and I expect he'll be here before we know it. He's itching for the competitive baseball of the major leagues, and even though by the time he gets here we may be already putting the finishing touches on the division, I expect that competitive fire to come through in the playoffs.

Endy Chavez could be back as early as tonight. As far as bench impact players go, he's a good one. He's a fan favorite too, and maybe his reappearance is all the Mets need to start winning at home again. I'd love to finally break the 4-win plateau with some crushing victories at home over the Padres. I'd even be there for the 5th one should the game go well tonight, and with John Maine on the mound looking to redeem himself after a couple of iffy starts, I expect tonights game to be a good clean win.

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