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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shea and Citi Fun Facts of the Game

Some Things I Learned At Shea For Last Night's Game.

1.Jose Reyes is so fast, it took the scoreboard operator three batters after he tied Roger Cedeno's single season Mets record for them to announce it on the board. (They were ready instantaneously for his record-breaking steal of third) Not to mention that he stole those bases after striking out.

2.There is going to be an Orchard Seating section at Citi Field. It will be in right center field, right next to the new Home Run Apple.

3.Some of you may have noticed that the right field side of Citi Field facing the subway seems to be more finished than the rest of the ballpark. Not surprisingly, this is where the Mets offices will be.

4.The right field 'excelsior seating level' will actually jut out over right field.

5.There will be a seating section directly behind the two bullpens.

6.The seats, particularly the ones for the special people behind home plate, are comfortable.

7.The neon ballplayers that adorn Shea Stadium will make the trip to Citi Field, at the very least residing in the home clubhouse.

8.I never knew that shouting 'drop it!' at a fielder fielding a pop-up worked, but apparently neither did Luis Castillo because when Geoff Blum dropped David Wright's pop-up Castillo was still basically on first and had no chance to get to second before Blum picked it up and threw him out.

9.It was inconsequential, and probably mostly unnoticed, but when Alou threw the ball to the plate in the 5th inning, David Wright pretending to grab it and faked a throw to second to try to keep Gonzalez from advancing.

10.If Mota makes the postseason roster, I may cry. How can he explode so thoroughly after two outs? I strongly suspect that he's no good after one inning, and maybe not on consecutive days either.

11.There are only three places in the entire stadium where you can buy a knish, but I still think it's the best concession food I can buy.

12.If the Mets were to win the World Series, they could have a Ticker-Tape Parade with torn of 2007 pocket schedules. There are boxes upon boxes of the things in the ticket booths, and that's just Gate E!

13.One of the ball-boy's jobs is to run the umpires out their water bottles. I just find this funny.

I'm going to stop at 13 for now, I'll probably make a longer post about my trip to the “Citi Field Preview Center” another time. Of course, I didn't get to ask questions because it was 7:10 and I didn't want to miss the game.

Oh, and if you haven't already seen it, Texas won the first game of a double-header over Baltimore 30-3 setting a modern day record. It was a come from behind victory, and Littleton earned the save for the Rangers.

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