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Monday, September 24, 2007

a sigh of relief?

Resounding weekend. I left work Friday with the magic number at 9. I arrive at work today and it's at 5. Three Mets wins, and even though it doesn't feel like a winning streak, it still is. It is said that good teams find a way to win, and nothing defines that than a bottom of the 11th featuring Aaron Sele, and Scott Schoeneweis for the save and the third consecutive win, on a day when the Phillies had lost. Delgado has his power stroke, which is the most important part of his game, Wright has another game-winning RBI, Alou is still hitting everything, and somehow, the bullpen's gotten some outs.

Plenty to worry about still, but hopefully they can get these 5 games out of the way, and be able to rest bullpen and injuries the final weekend.

As for the Phillies...I was in Washington DC this weekend to see the final two games of RFK Stadium, against the Phillies. The Nationals are really a bad team, and Saturday was at best 50/50 Nats fans to Phillies fans. Predictably, once the Phillies scored three in the top of the 10th, most of the Nationals fans left. Me and my friend decided to make our way towards the right field part of the stadium to be closer to the stairs we needed to exit from. As we walked around the stadium, each section noticed our Mets stuff, and took the opportunity to yell and boo us. It's an interesting feeling listening to most of the upper deck of a stadium booing you, It was like a wave of boos as we walked around. Of course I got in my "First place!", and "Better luck next year!" yells in, as well as pointing at the Mets score on the out of town scoreboard. Oddly, I didn't hear anything from the Phillies fans on Sunday.

Let's see the Mets come out swinging tonight, picking up that extra half game with the Phillies off, and go into the final 6 games with a decent lead.


The Coop said...

This is great - back after the ~ahem~ sweep earlier this month, I heckled some Phillies fans on the way home. Mostly - WHO'S IN SECOND PLACE (clap! clap! clapclapclap!) or I-95!! Someone was talking smack on the train, saying - hey I could come out here and watch the Phils in October. I said - well, the Phils won't be here, but you can certainly come back out here during October if you wish! That got some laughs on the train. I mean, that's the closest to October action they'll have anyway - unless the Padres fall apart, but i doubt they will.

Ceetar said...

Padres actually looking iffy. But the Rockies are right behind now. hmm...The Phillies looked bad this weekend..maybe they'll falter and go 3-3, or 2-4 this week.

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