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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A trip to Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

I told myself I would go to Yankee Stadium one more time before it closes. I barely remember my previous visits, and I figured I should have some memories of a stadium that's been around in some form for over 80 years and hosted players like Babe Ruth. I had free tickets from a friend, so I decided to take advantage. Of course, I neglected to look at the tickets, and they were bleacher seats. The bleacher's aren't attached, and staying way out there didn't sound like a fun way to watch the Mariners. I hung out for batting practice leaning on the wall over Monument Park, and debated climbing over the wall and down the side of the Mariners bullpen into Monument Park to sneak into the main part of the stadium. I decided that my bright orange shirt under my Wright jersey with my Mets hat would make it hard for me to jump down and blend into the crowd, so I didn't do that. Eventually I walked out, an decided I'd just fork over the money to enter the main part of the stadium. Standing on line I actually ended up buying a scalped ticket, I paid $20 for a $60 ticket that I didn't end up sitting in anyway.

You're not allowed bags in Yankee stadium, but they didn't actually pat me down or anything. I had to show them my cellphone and remove my cap, but If I'd had a gun in my pocket they'd never have known. I brought plastic bags and used them to hold my stuff and started walking around. I spent most of my time in fair home run territory, and it was a nice change to be able to be in fair territory where home runs can actually reach.

There wasn't really any aggression towards my choice of attire. The phrase of choice was “You're in the wrong stadium.” There weren't many Mariner fans, and I only saw a handful of Mets fans.

First the negative. It's probably mostly biased, but the new Yankee stadium just looks boring and plain. The concourses make Shea look spacious, but I guess that's the difference of 40 years in design. If possible, the prices are actually more expensive for food. (Not to mention seating) I'll skip the obvious in that we all know the Mets don't play there, so that's a big minus. Plenty of people complain about Sweet Caroline at Shea, but it's nothing to complain about next to the grounds crew singing “YMCA”. The Yankees still feel the need to play God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch, which also annoys me.

I like being able to be in fair territory with the possibility of catching a home run. There are probably only a dozen home run balls at Shea that land in the seats, but there were a couple Tuesday night. A-Rod's went soaring over my head and landed in the upper deck. It was definitely on it's way down, but it was certainly impressive. Abreu's later landed in the seats about 10 feet to my left. Staring out at the outfield, imagining that Monument Park and the bullpens aren't there, it's amazing to think Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs playing in this ballpark. Posada's home run that easily cleared the fence in left-center would've been an out. The new Yankee mascot, the squirrel that hangs out on top of the right foul pole made an appearance, which was more interesting than the Mariners. One thing the Yankees have right is the merchandise. I saw shirts for Jobu Chamberlain, and Phil Hughes. At Shea you can't buy a shirt for Oliver Perez, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey or Joe Smith. The Endy Chavez catch bobble head came out before the Mets were selling Chavez shirts.

The Mets salvaged a split of the road trip after dropping the first four, which is cool. The division is all but wrapped up, the magic number is 19 and I've been to 26 (22 Mets) games this year. I have tickets to four more so far, and I'm thinking about adding another to make it 27 Mets games, officially 1/3rd of all home games. I think the Mets have turned the corner on their lackluster season, and I expect them to play well, and win well, on this long homestand.

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"The division is all but wrapped up, the magic number is 19"


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