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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rumor Mill

Rumors abound!

I like all the rumors, because it keeps baseball talk alive, and I can only take so much of the same football stories all week since nothing happens between Monday night and Sunday afternoon, but I do hate chasing around rumors. There are so much unsubstantiated stuff, so many halfway-educated writers decided what the Mets just HAVE to do to be good next year, and so many little things to keep track of.

I'm happy with what the Mets have done so far. I don't think we needed Easley, but I like Anderson and Alou. Let's see what happens for the rest, but I don't know that I'll have a good sense until April, after I've seen and heard about all the bullpen prospects the Mets have for the season. Because I think the bullpen is the biggest issue, as much as I would like another starter. I wouldn't be panicing with Pedro, Maine, Perez and Humber, Pelfrey and El Duque. Maybe pick up a marginal guy now or later or both and see what happens. I want them to resign Lo Duca, and Castillo, and I think they will.

So let's see where this goes, I just can't take real interest in the zillion of rumors and trades that are suggested every day. Too many writers, not enough stuff to write about.

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