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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today's resignings

I have no problem with resigning Alou. In fact I wanted someone like him for next year. I want Alou, Beltran, and Milledge opening day. I wonder if this move was made with the thought of trading Gomez, but if not, Gomez(and Endy) can get a fair amount of left field time in when Alou is out.

I've never been a big fan of Easley, and while he had some moments last year, i'm not sure where he fits with this team. Unless they're thinking of trading Gotay, this puts us in exactly the situation as last year with an overload at second base. Unless they're thinking Easley off the bench, a job that he'll hopefully play second-fiddle to Marlon Anderson. Does this effect the possibility of resigning Castillo? I hope not. (or the possibility of the A-Rod, Wright to second stuff?)

Good to see the Mets start making some news. The 2007 is officially over, and it's time to forget that, and focus on the future and stop letting the Yankees take all of the attention.

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