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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mets Extra

At the end of 162, it's the Philadelphia Phillies 89, the New York Mets 88.

Wow. That sucked. So much for my optimism. I'm not going to be one of those fans that throws blame and anger all over the place, calling for heads and trades and all of that. I will break down the team and next year and what I want to see happen sometime in the near future. I expect I'll update a bit through the playoffs (I'm rooting for the Cubs) talk about awards and all of that. After October I'll still post, maybe once a week, or when other things happen. I'm proud of myself for getting through the entire season with this blog, and look forward to making new bloggie friends in the off-season and next year. Here is my postseason prediction, and my in-season stats for the year.

I think the Rockies win tomorrow.

AL Divisional Round
RED SOX defeat
ANGELS (3-1)
INDIANS defeat YANKEES (3-0)

RED SOX defeat INDIANS (4-1)

NL Divisional
CUBS defeat

NL Championship
CUBS defeat ROCKIES (4-2)

World Series

Personally I went to 33 baseball games this year.

My record at Shea Stadium was 15-12.

My record at Mets games was 17-12.

My record for the hometeam was 18-15.

My record for the Nationals was 3-2. (This included three stadiums, RFK, Shea, and Dolphin Stadium)

This year I attended games in 4 stadiums(Shea, RFK, Yankee, and Dolphin)

I've now been to 13 Stadiums(Shea, Yankee, Fenway, Wrigley, Citizens Bank, Dolphin, RFK, Petco, ½ old Busch, ½ new Busch, Dodger, Angel, San Fran, McAfee)

Next year the goal is to check out Camden Yards, Nationals park, and Tropicana field.

The Optimistic Mets Blog player of the year is: David Wright.

Is there any doubt? David Wright is looking so good. He was the most solid, consistant player on this team. He struggled in April when the team didn't, and since then there have been very few games he hasn't gotten a hit in. He's now in the top two or three in career Mets avg, slugging, obp and ops. He's got a .311 career Mets batting average. He expanded his game, learned from his peers, and took on more of a leadership role. He's a great fielder who needs to figure out his throws a bit, but I'm so glad he's on our team.


Anonymous said...

celebration time, lets go yankees!!!!

Ceetar said...

bite me. Three and out.

The Coop said...

Ceetar, though we have never met in person, let's do a blogger road trip - not sure about your car situation but I live in jersey (for now...) so my car is my freedom. If someone buys the tix, I am happy to drive to Nats park or Citizens bank or whatever. I know the SNK from YCSB is down, so is Zoe. Lets do it!! BTW, I was 3-0 for my Mets road games this year :-) And I met Oh Pea.

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