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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Email from Ford

Okay, I admit I was bored.

I emailed the Ford Motor Company about advertising Derek Jeter on SNY. The reply was pretty generic, which was probably to be expected.
dateThu, Aug 21, 2008 at 11:02 AM
subjectFord Motor Company

hide details 11:02 AM

Dear Ceetar,

Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the Derek Jeter’s Ford Challenge advertisement.

Feedback such as yours allows us to examine our practices and policies to ensure that we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers in the future. We regret that you have not had a favorable experience, and appreciate the time you have taken to write us.

If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you.

Customer Relationship Center
Ford Motor Company

For online support visit us at: which contains answers to frequently asked questions and links to other key product and service information.


-----Original Message-----

From: ""
Sent: 8/20/2008 01:53:31 AM
Subject: Sales/Advertising

Ford Motor CompanyMain Topic: SalesAdvertisingEmail Questions: There is such a thing as bad publicity. Seeing Derek Jeter advertise your product on SNY (The TV Home of the New York Mets) only makes me think bad things about Ford and the Ford Edge. Every time I see one I think to myself "I hate that car". The commercials run at least once per commercial break it seems, and the audience is at least 95% biased against the spokesperson in question. Seems like a bad decision to me. Owner First Name: Ceetar Owner Last Name: CeetarOwner Email Address: ceetar@gmail.comClient Browser : Firefox 3Client OS : Windows

1 comment:

Eddie said...

I'm with Ceetar on this one, Ford.

I hate those commercials lol

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