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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Walk it off

Isn’t it nice how a nice walk off win, and Wright’s first walk off homer, can really help erase the pissed off feelings of earlier in the game? Now they’ve won two of three and a series, and they’re looking up again. Can they keep it up, even with the bullpen doing what it’s doing?

I certainly hope so, and with the Phillies and Cole Hamels, the supposed ace, losing again it is increasingly obvious that the other teams don’t matter. If the Mets play well, they make the playoffs, if they don’t..they could still make the playoffs, but it’s less likely.

Schoeneweis, who seems to get underused by Manuel, looked utterly perplexed when that home run left the yard to tie the game. Santana was probably equally perplexed, not getting a decision yet again.

Yesterday, Pedro gave up two home runs, but otherwise looked pretty good. Provided he stays healthy, which is always a question mark with someone his age, I think he’ll be good down the stretch. Keep in mind he hasn’t really pitched regularly to major league batters in two years. Getting back into the mindset and mentality of pitching major league games again, and outsmarting batters will return a bit of the Pedro magic. Adjusting to the minute changes that seem to happen to strike zones year to year will also come into play, and I suspect Pedro will have a terrific September and be a big part of the Mets push to the playoffs.

1 comment:

Eddie said...


Great to see Wright rebound that way. After an awful Wednesday night, he hits a 2-run walkoff on Thursday and opens the game with a 2-run HR tonight.

The sooner this becomes "his team" the better, and if that hasn't happened already (he's still a kid at 25) it's on the brink of happening.

Kudos to David...

~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

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