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Friday, October 03, 2008

First Offseason Move

Well, Omar's poised to make his first mistake of the off season. Hopefully it's his only mistake. I have confidence he'll do what's needed to improve this team, without caving to what whiny fans think is the best course of action. However, keeping Manuel who failed as a bench coach, failed as an interim manager, and may have even failed as a leader in the clubhouse and managed a team that was succeeding and cruising, even without Billy Wagner, and managed to have them crash and burn again.

Luckily managers don't have that big an impact, and if you give anybody the right players they can't succeed. If the bullpen did, or will, pitch well enough that Manuel doesn't have to constantly tamper with it, he won't be able to screw it up. Maybe if he resides over a spring training for real, he won't treat next September like one.

Omar's decisions can only get better from here.

1 comment:

Eddie said...

Heard an interesting rumor in Newsday the other day...

Ken Davidson reported that Manny Acta (one year left on his deal) wants to manage the Mets, and the Mtes still have eyes for him. Report says that's why Omar only gave Manuel a 2-year deal... so he can whack him after a year if he doesn't win and bring in Acta.

Oh well.. just a rumor.

~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

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