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Friday, October 17, 2008

Postseason baseball

Last year I got right into the postseason, and the Phillies being pummeled didn't hurt. It was like I was so expectant of the season not being over. This year I was just so disappointed and disillusioned that I haven't been into it. Sox looked good last night, but I'm still pulling for the Rays I think. (I like to compare them to the '69 Mets, but last night certainly reminded me of the '08 Mets. Both teams blew it after Kazmir left! haha..that was..bad)

Islanders don't look great, but I'm thinking there might be some fun there. I caught opening night at the Prudential Center against the Devils, they lost, but I had fun.

I'm going to be in Buffalo this weekend, I wonder if I should pick up a Bisons shirt or something.

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