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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Orioles Fan

Mistaken for an Orioles fan.


I don’t really care what the Mets color scheme is, what uniforms they wear, or what symbols they use.  The Citi Field logo isn’t great, but I just don’t care.  Some fans dislike that the Mets every incorporated black into their apparel.  I personally don’t care, although I like sticking to the history of the blue and orange from the Dodgers and Giants.  Tangently, I really thought the All-Star jerseys worn in San Francisco in 2007 should’ve been Black for the AL and Orange for the NL, rather than the other way around.  It was just a passing thought though.


However, I do like variety.  I was annoyed that the Diamondbacks ditched the purple.  I actually like some of the older 80s style flashy uniforms.  I dislike teams looking the same, everyone wearing the same grays and whites and pinstripes. 


The other day I was out at a restaurant, wearing a black and orange Mets shirt that I’d gotten cheap somewhere.  One of the servers came over to me and said “Nice shirt”, and happened to start talking baseball.  He mentioned some third base prospect I’d never heard of, and since I don’t follow prospects or hot stove too closely, I figured he meant 2B, and it was some guy the Mets were looking at as a possible Castillo replacement.  I gave a suitably vague answer, and he walked away, but I still felt confused.  Then it dawned on me that he didn’t actually see the front of my shirt, merely the colors, and I (which he came over and verified later) correctly assumed that he mistook me for an Orioles fan. 


Must be sad times in Baltimore if the most exciting thing to look forward to is a 3B prospect.

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