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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I like my title, shame you won't see that on the back pages of the Post.


Pretty much the best closer in the game. At least arguably. Definitely the bets Free Agent relief pitcher on the market, and as much as I'm reluctant to always try to 'buy' the best team, this was the right move. I'm not nearly as excited about it as I was Santana, but I'm fully of the mind that if Wagner doesn't get hurt, the Mets win the division, and probably the Phillies don't win the Series.

Omar filled the biggest hole with the biggest plug. We still need a a bunch of relievers, but I don't think they need to be big name guys. Pull in a bunch of guys from the minors, waivers, other teams, rule-5, wherever, and see who can thrive in this system with these coaches and players.

The last two starters should be the next priority. I wouldn't be against Pedro/Ollie. Not both, but one of them. Perez is probably the better option, but his consistency is infuriating and overly taxing on the bullpen's piece of mind. I don't trust Niese to step in and be a reliable 5th starter. I think they should assume he'll be the guy that'll get called up when they need a 6th, or a fill in guy when someone needs to skip a start. I'm not overly concerned with who it is, but It'd be nice to have another big innings guys so the bullpens innings can be kept down.

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