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Monday, March 31, 2008

Letters to the NL East, part 5

Letters to the NL East, Part 5 of 5

Dear New York Mets,

Expectations soar this year. You disappointed us horribly last year, and I hope you disappointed yourselves too. Whether we like it or not, the marketing department has introduced the element of revenge into the advertisements. It's important that you guys keep this revenge fresh in your minds.

No more taking it for granted that you're good, instead you need to rub other teams faces in it. Up 9-2 in the ninth? No reason to take that for granted either; steal that base, bunt those runners over, score that extra run. It's never enough, and you should never be satisfied with being ahead, whether it's in a game, a series, or the division.

I want to see some attitude this year, and I don't care about how the other teams feel about it. I don't care if Jimmy Rollins thinks the Phillies are awesome or if Hanley Ramirez hates the Mets. You guys are better than they are, and there is no reason not to act like it. They don't like you dancing on your on-deck circle? Fine, dance on their on-deck circle. Don't be afraid to throw inside, and hard. It's punishment time for the rest of the NL East, and you are the enforcers. Your opponents should feel like they were in a wrestling match and body slammed to the mat repeatedly. You should be playing like the Phillies punched your mother, and the Braves knocked up your sister. Remember, there are no unwritten rules of baseball; Play tough, play hard, and it doesn't matter how you get there in the end, just get there.

Your lifelong fan,

Optimistic Mets Fan

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