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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mets Believe Mets Fans Believe They Can Win

I was at the Subway Series games this weekend, and while a lot of the juice has gone out of it, there was still excitement in the air. The lack of juice could be attributed to both teams struggling. I didn't hear one “Jet-ers Boy-Friend” chant for A-Rod. No Hip-Hip You're-Gay! No Captain Cologne! (Admittedly, some of these are better left unsaid) There were still a good amount of Yankees fans being positive, cheering “Der-ek Jet-er” and other assorted lame Yankees chants. Despite the Yankees being in arguably a worse position than the Mets, their fans are still more optimistic.

The argument everyone always falls back on is they've won in the past. But winning in the past doesn't do anything for winning in the present. The only thing it affects is confidence, and part of that is fan confidence. Who do you think has more confidence in their team, and their own performance? Cano, or Castillo? Both are playing badly, but one guy is having his head called for constantly and booed. The other is certainly souring faces, but he's not yet being chased out of town or having fans seriously consider releasing him. Sometimes if you tell someone that they are a certain way enough, they believe it themselves. When Delgado comes up to the plate, everyone at Shea is convinced and screaming at him that he's going to ground out to second, so he's thinking about grounding out to second. Just like you can't stop thinking about the giant elephant in the room. Conversely, Derek Jeter comes up in a big spot thinking he's going to come through because that's what everyone always tells him he does. So he hits roughly the same ground ball, but instead it seems to go a little faster, and just seems to find that hole between second and first.

So how about we go about our business as Mets fans with a little bit of swagger and confidence. We just crushed the Yankees, winning the series 4-2. Play that way all season and the Mets would win well over 100 games. We've gained on the Phillies, and we're coming with a vengeance that they should be frightened of. Even bad teams can win frequently, and whether you think the Mets are good, bad, or somewhere in between, lets go out there and root like we think and know they will win the game instead of constantly telling them how they're going to fail and not good enough for us. Maybe they'll start to believe it too.

Oh, and Jerry Manuel telling everyone that the it's the Yankees town isn't helping. All it did was give fodder to the newspapers to continue talking about the Yankees and treating the Mets like the second team.

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