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Monday, July 14, 2008

This Team Is Good

Take a break and think about it for three days; The Mets are good. Mike Pelfrey is good.

They can now take three days really feeling this, knowing that destiny is in their own hands again, knowing they are better than the Phillies and just having to lose less games than them to win the division this year. They know that despite a collapse and a poor first half, they're right where they need to be for the second half, having played as well as their competition despite struggling. They get that confidence back, and can take off in the second half without all the nagging questions and doubts.

It's freaking unbelievable the way this team has been playing, it's like they suddenly turned a switch and started working. I don't know what happened, maybe it was just they finally stopped west coast trips, or maybe it's the excitement of having a player like Pelfrey step up and the bench players, while not playing great, are playing well enough when they need to to cover the injuries and holes on this team at the moment.

Got some All-Star posts coming tomorrow.

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