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Friday, July 25, 2008

Who's Feisty Now?

The Mets despite the turmoil they've faced so far, are right where they want to be; in sole possession of first place. The Phillies are on the outside looking in. If this season, and last, has taught us anything it's that this isn't over. There will be plenty more ups and downs after this series, maybe starting as soon as tomorrow. We don't even know who is starting on Saturday, a game I'm looking forward to being at.

Speaking of Delgado, his hit had so many layers. The slide into third, the racing for third on the throw to begin with, looking frustrated at being thrown out despite delivering one of the biggest hits this season. That he took it the other way.

It's far from over, but it feels good. How about the Phillies continuing to roll over? To win the first game of every series and not get another one is just pathetic. They've only scored one run off of Perez all season, that's maddeningly awesome. That Rollins can't even be bothered to show up on time? "Traffic" come on! (Does it matter? I think Bruntlett is doing better against the Mets than Rollins). I wonder if Rollins' traffic looked something like this.

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