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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cone Heads! (well not quite)

So as I'm sure you're all aware, the Mets all shaved their heads last night.
Well not all, and what's your excuse Aaron Heilman?

Then they came out and battered Matt Cain quickly, in what seemed like five minutes they scored three runs, and then a fourth. Sure you'd like them to have added some more, but they secured the win, a 3-run handicap was plenty for Glavine who himself secured career win number 294, and I've actively started considering being there for 300. Runs in the first inning, a vintage 2006 win. Sometime soon we're going to see the Reyes single followed by a quick Wright home-run. 2-0 with the other team thinking, "Wait, we started the game already?"

I love that these Mets love to play together, and can get behind some team bonding activities. It's a friendly activity that keeps everyone friendly and happy. Being part of the team is important, it helps you shake off tough losses, struggle through slumps, and just plain learn from the experiences of the other 24 guys. It's one of those invaluable traits of the 2007 Mets that few people take into account when making predictions and projections.

The Mets are still looking to "click on all cylinders" and I think this was one of their ways of trying to get in sync. Still, the Mets have a 20-12 record, and are tied for first place. Atlanta's just barely hanging on, despite beating the Mets four of six. What will happen when the Mets do click? I expect one day we're going to wake up to find the Mets comfortably in first, and the Brave fans quietly calculating Wild Card standings.

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