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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Walk Off Balk? Almost..

Where oh where did my little Brave go?

I have a message to Giant fans. “Get rid of Armando.” It's good for at least two wins for your team. The only way last night could've been better is if Joe Smith didn't throw that wild pitch and the Giants didn't score that run on no hits in the top of the inning. Then we could've won the game on a walk-off Balk. The Mets have been finding different ways to walk-off, and that certainly would've been a memorable one. Drag-bunts, walks and home runs are nice too though.

Two home runs for Delgado again. He's back, although as he said in his post game interview, he never went anywhere. Now if we could only get David Wright to put together a hot streak, his batting average is upsettingly low. Although to me he's been showing some good signs, looking a little better. I don't think it's a case of anyone figuring him out, or him not being as good as he looked in the past, it's just some struggles, he'll get there. I'm as confident in that as I was that Delgado would show up again.

One thing that bothers me is pinch-hitting for Gomez with Julio Franco. I guess I shouldn't complain because Franco did what he needed, which was place one up the middle that was grabbed in an awesome play by Vizquel, but I'd much rather have Gomez. I understand that a lot of it's about 'taking your lumps' and the rookies don't get to bat 4th, and get pinch hit for, but Franco? Bleh.

In the comments of Metsradamus's blog entry about this game, someone mentioned that Gotay and Reyes were doing some sort of hex thing at Russ Ortiz? I'd love to see a clip of this or something more descriptive. That kind of excites me, I love seeing stuff like that. I actually miss(figuratively since I'm not old enough to remember) the days when players used to stand in the dugout shouting stuff at the opposing pitcher. Do you know how many pitchers nowadays who could get rattled by that? It would be great. I expect the reason it's fallen out of style is how much baseball has seemed to develop into a fraternity. Baseball players generally don't hate the guys on the other team, they see themselves part of the same group of people, peers not opponents. Couple this with all the changing teams most players do, and these guys were once they're teammates and friends. Could you see Glavine shouting stuff at Smoltz? If he did, it'd be totally friendly, and a joke.

Mota returns today, and I hate that he was rewarded with a new contract. I hope the only reason he was good last year wasn't steroids. I'm not going to cheer him when he arrives, but I hope as penance he gives up a home run to Bonds, as long as it's inconsequential. After that I hope he's lights out, although I do like A. Burgos, who got sent down for him, and he seems better than Scott Schoeneweis. Only time will tell.

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