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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Heating Up In The Desert

By now I'm sure everyone knows about how great the Mets play in Arizona. Maybe if they moved their spring training camp, like the Dodgers will do next year, they'd play better in the spring too.

Easley came through again Thursday night, to take back the lead in the top of the 9th. Wins like that are so invigorating. David Wright kept the inning going with a 3-run home run of his own, and Billy Wagner probably didn't know whether to cheer or cry. I'm sure he wanted that save. He got his 6th last night, giving up a walk but getting a nice double play. For the first time in May Wright didn't get a hit, and facing the reigning Cy Young award winner Brandon Webb might cool Wright off before he has a chance to really get going. I doubt it though, I expect David's starting to remember how to really smack the ball, and someone's gotta keep this streak against the Diamondbacks alive tomorrow, so why not him?

Randy Johnson looked mediocre yesterday, and you wonder when he'll finally realize he's no longer the dominant pitcher he once was and retire. Of course he's young and spry compared to Julio Franco, who had both a stolen base and a home run yesterday. It's obvious he can still play, but I worry that the long season will wear him down, as it appeared to do last year. Luckily the bench with Chavez, Newhan and Easley as well as Franco seems like it will fare much better this year. Add the possibility of players like Ben Johnson, Ruben Gotay and Lastings Milledge to the mix and they're looking good.

The Mets don't play any really bad teams in May, the Giants and Cubs being more dangerous than their record suggests and the Marlins having enough young talent that you never know how they're going to look. A lot of people think the Braves are going to stick around all year, and it'll be interesting to see as this month progresses if anyone pulls away a little. The Mets will visit Turner Field after playing the Yankees this month, and that might be the time to start making that move. We know June may just be one of the toughest scheduled months in baseball, which them meeting six of the seven playoff teams from last year. Putting together a streak here in May would go a long way to keeping Atlanta at bay, whether or not they fall of the pace. After losing four of six to the Braves, if it's still this close on May 22nd, I expect the Mets to reassert who's the team to beat in the National League (East).

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