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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ceetar's Ready To Watch the Mets Again

When the Mets start there game tonight after the break, Rickey Henderson will be the new hitting coach. I like Rickey, despite all his baggage. I thought Rick Down was a good coach, but I'm not going to be upset over the switch of someone I almost never see save for an occasionally spot with the SNY guys.

I think this can only be good. Rick Down certainly wasn't the reason the Mets hit last year, they hit because they are good players. There's always more Reyes can learn about base stealing from Rickey, and I'm sure so can Beltran and Wright. It's just a shame Gomez is injured and will have to wait for those lessons. Rickey is also a superb hitter, and at the very least I'm sure he can lend some insight to some of the struggling bats.

I think the Mets are going to start hitting again anyway, but this move will basically give Rickey the credit. In general the Mets have had a rather lackluster first half. It had it's moments, but it certainly wasn't great. Now is the time to push towards the playoffs, get some distance in the division, rediscover that offensive stroke and fine tune the team. Pedro looks like he'll be back, Alou supposedly will be back. Endy will be back. Maybe the Mets make some changes here and there, bench and bullpen and get better. They're only looking at a pace to win about 91 games, but I think they'll have a good enough second half to win at least 95.

Lastings Milledge will by all accounts be back with the Mets, hopefully over Ledee, tonight. It's been almost a year since he's had any real major league experience, and I expect that this time he'll have more success. I kind of like the guy, he's got some personality and excitement.

The Home Run Derby and All-Star Game are fun in their own ways, but I'm looking forward to the Mets again tonight. I'll be at Shea for my 18th and 19th baseball games of the season tomorrow and Saturday for Endy Chavez bobble head night and Ralph Kiner night.

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