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Thursday, July 05, 2007

John Maine to the Rescue

Before we do something stupid and trade needed prospects for Mark Buehrle, the Mets need to consider something. Does Buehrle help us win the World Series? The answer to that is no, not this year. I don't want to hear any complaints about how we're not making the playoffs, anyone that thinks that hasn't been paying attention. Oliver Perez has been amazingly clutch for the Mets in big games, and nothing is bigger than the playoffs. Oliver Perez is probably our fourth playoff starter, and that's if you assume El Duque would pitch out of the bullpen. Pedro Martinez is going to be our fresh ace, Tom Glavine is obviously going to be second based on experience and seniority. There hasn't been a game this year that John Maine has started that the Mets have gone into the 7th inning thinking the game was lost. (If that's not an All-Star pitcher, I don't know what is) With Orlando Hernandez to pick up the slack if one of those guys struggles through the first couple of innings, where would Buehrle fit? He wouldn't, and that's the point. Building the rotation for the future is all well and good, but there is plenty Omar can do to make this team good now, and it's not the starting rotation. Maybe a more reliable second baseman or outfielder, a better bench, or more importantly, a reliever.

John Maine gets a chance to continue that consistency tonight, against the Houston Astros. With the Mets desperately needing a win, and the bullpen desperately needing a rest, it would be really helpful of Maine to pitch at least 7 effective innings. He's shown that he can keep us in these games, and if the offense can string together some hits, he should be in for his 10th win.

I'd like to see the Mets clearly win this series, end the road trip with a positive record, and go into the break on a good note. I think the couple of days rest will do some players good, particularly Delgado and Valentin. Then they can come back, put this whole losing thing behind them, and play good baseball after the All-Star break.

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