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Monday, July 30, 2007

T Minus 30 days and Castilling

A lot happened today in Metland, and it was full of good tidings. The Mets today acquired Luis Castillo from the Twins, for basically no one. Two minor leaguers I’d never heard of, and probably won’t be missed. Luis Castillo is a good consistent player that will fit well here, and although it limits Gotay, I’m pretty okay with it. Although I’m getting the feeling that Ruben Gotay is this year’s Endy Chavez.

Pedro Martinez had another session today, and said he’s pitching Wednesday night for Class A. Provided he does actually make this start, it’s definite, not just hopeful, that Pedro will be back with the Mets in September. He has to be added to the roster 30 days after his first start, which puts him there by September first and should get him a couple of starts before the playoffs.

Of course, Luis Castillo is only hitting .254 with runners in scoring position, but hopefully he can work on that. He can add some consistency to the Mets lineup, by batting second. Plus once Beltran returns it’ll be three switch hitters at the top of the lineup. Will make opposing managers think twice before looking for match-ups.

The Mets aren’t playing badly as of late, despite a mere split with the Nationals. Look for them to play well again this coming week, against Milwaukee and the Cubs. Should be a fun week, as both those teams are struggling for the lead in the Central division.

On an opposing note, I’m not worried about the Braves and Teixeira. Sure he’ll be good, but I really don’t think it’ll be the difference the Braves need to close the gap. I think both Castillo, and the resurgence of Delgado, who’s had a great July, will hold them off.

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