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Monday, July 02, 2007

Continuing to Roll

I strongly feel that John Maine got snubbed, but I'm not surprised. He suffered because Billy Wagner deserves to be there too, is a bigger name, and was the 4th Met selected. I feel bad for Kevin Youkilis too, who certainly deserved to be there. I really feel baseball should attempt to honor guys like this, who would go to the game excited, and not guys like Manny Ramirez, who will go reluctantly, if at all. To make the All-Star game more meaningful, fill it with players that want to be there. We don't necessarily need guys playing all out, colliding with catchers and getting into fights, but these young guys that want to be there will play hard, and enjoy playing. That's what would make it watchable.

The Mets dropped the finale, missing out on sweeping the Phillies. It doesn't matter, they had a bit of a sloppy day and left the Phillies with a little bit of hope. It's misguided hope, as the Mets now have won eight of their last 10, and now hold a five game, six losses, lead over the Phillies. The Braves are four games back and five losses. I'd be happy with picking up one more game on each before the All-Star break. Colorado has been playing badly since sweeping the Yankees, and while they're due to start winning some, the Mets can take two out of three easily, even with Vargas pitching one of the games.

Mike Pelfrey looked good, I've thought he looked good all year long, just not quite ready. He looked more ready this time, if not quite there. I feel like one of these days he's suddenly going to develop some confidence, make a small adjustment with his pitching, and suddenly will start winning. I'd like him to start throwing more innings, but even three runs in five innings at a ballpark like that keeps the team in the game. Maybe if he keeps pitching like that, the offense will feel last pressured to score nine runs to win for him, relax a bit and just start hitting, and making plays behind him defensively.

I don't know what's up with Oliver Perez. We all know he's pretty much a head case, and when he's made such good progress this year I'm not sure I want him pitching injured either. We've in a good situation right now, with a good lead. If he's really hurting, we could DL him retroactively, he'd be eligible to come off by the games after the break, and we could get some help up here in the meantime.

Carlos Gomez has picked up a bit of a reputation as a hot dog, which is why Joe Smith asked Carlos Beltran how to say “hot dog” in Spanish. “Perro caliente,” Beltran replied. Gomez seemed to like the new nickname. I like it too.

Speaking of the All-Star break, I hope Ricky Ledee doesn't see the other side of it. Lastings Milledge has starting playing rehab games, and I see no reason why he shouldn't be with the team by then. Whether to try to contribute, or to showcase to be traded. Willie seems to be alternating Ledee and Gomez anyway, and I don't know anyone that looks forward to seeing Ledee's mangled picture up on the scoreboard.

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