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Friday, April 11, 2008

it's 2008 and the Mets win

Last night's game had questionable managing decisions, some poor plays, some inability to hit in the clutch, or to execute in certain situations at the plate, and even some base-running issues. The Phillies had all of these problems, and they lost because of it. It was a rough and tumble series, but the Mets take two of three. Naysayers may want to question how they won them, but that doesn't matter, just that they did. If you want to go back to last year.. And I really don't want to go back to last year, it doesn't help anything. Just as going back to 2006 didn't help the 2007 team. If you go back to last year, plenty of those games against the Phillies could've gone on the other way on some very minor things.

It's the bullpen that's important, and despite Wise's home run, despite Heilman's struggles, it looks like the Mets have started trying to take the right steps into addressing this issue. The bullpen was the strength in 2006, and we need more consistency out of it this year. Part of this is getting starters deeper into games, but part of it is also one or two more guys stepping up and being able to execute when Willie calls on them. Did the Mets lack fight last year? I don't know that they did, there were plenty of games where they came back two or three times in a game, only to have the bullpen blow it again and again. That can be mentally exhausting, just like amping yourself up for a fight and having your pitcher pitch you into a deep hole in the first inning can do. This isn't an excuse by any means, but the Mets have the tools, the attitude, the leadership and the drive to win, and they've had it all along; You just have to know where to look.

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