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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chipper Jones on the BQE

Just finished listening to Ed Randall interviewing Chipper Jones on WFAN. He happened to mention that he was in the car with Smoltz driving to Shea Stadium. Can you imagine driving on the Grand Central and you look over and see those two next to you?

If you haven't heard, Chipper won't be playing today because of back spasms, and might miss some of the Nationals series next week too.

Randall brought up the comment Chipper made years ago about Mets fans not needing to be so upset, they can just go put on their Yankees gear now. We all thought he was betraying Boston-type ignorance about the incapability of rooting for both teams, but the way he explained it today, it was more of a jibe than ignorance. He says he made the comment later after seeing one of those idiots behind the dugout who was wearing one of those half-Mets half-Yankees caps and was disgusted by it.

He also said he's not changing his son Shea's, name but that he hopes he grows up to be a great ballplayer one day and gets to hit in Citi Field.

So that's my interesting Larry Jones tidbit for the day.

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