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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Good Days, Bad Days

I don't know what's with this team. Where has all the popping out with runners in scoring position gone? What happened to our inability to tack on runs late, or to hold a lead? What happened to the good old days of a pitcher going 100 pitches and calling it a night? Did we forget to practice booting ground balls during pregame warmups?

If these statements sound silly to you, remember that the reverse is probably true too. It's just one game, and it matters no more or no less than any other game. If you thought the Mets looked lifeless, or not that good on Wednesday and used that as a determination for the rest of the season, how can you not look at tonights game and think just the opposite?

The Mets will lose some games. They'll win some games. They certainly proved tonight that they still have that ability to play hard, play well, scores runs and look good. That doesn't just vanish. Of course there are still issues, but there are also plenty of good signs for this FIRST PLACE team.

This isn't the time to talk about the Braves or the Phillies (or the general Yankees bashing that's always fun). They certainly have issues and problems, but for now it's just about the Mets games, whoever they're playing. Scoreboard watching is fun in a “Die Braves Die” type of way, but it's not a big deal in May.

One thing I do want to say, and I know it's gone now anyway, but can I point out that the Mets aren't/weren't the only ones to use Sweet Caroline? I was walking into Penn Station on Thursday around 6:30 and they were definitely playing it along with Ranger highlights outside the Garden.

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