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Friday, May 16, 2008

Subway Series, and getting going

I haven't been a proponent of firing Willie Randolph, and I still don't believe firing him will fix this team. However, at one point something needs to be done, and that's about all there is to it. These next seven games are important ones though, more important than these last seven.
The Yankees are actually the right team for them to play. They're an average pitching team with a good offense, which is actually very like the Phillies, and it plays to the strength of the Mets. Their pitching is their strength, which should be enough to shut down the Yankees, and their offense has enough firepower to score plenty of runs against them.

After that a short four game series against the Braves, who if they stay healthy are definitely better than the Phillies. Keeping themselves ahead of the Braves, and beating them in this series, would go a long way to make them, and us, feel good.

If they don't play well against these teams, then barring suddenly going on a 10 game winning streak or something, it's probably time to ditch Randolph because whether it'll help or not, he's ultimately culpable for the performance.

Watching the last few days, I've felt like the Mets have gotten a lot of bad breaks recently, whether it's great catches, line drives right at people, or pitching to contact that finds holes. I'm confident this team will have good stretches, but depending on when and how that stretch comes, it might not be enough to put them in a positive, relaxed frame of mind for the rest of the season.

Maybe the energy associated with, and they can deny it exists all they want, the Subway Series will actually wake the Mets up. So here are my predictions, as crazy as you may think they are.

(Santana) Game 1: Mets 8, Yankees 1

(Perez) Game 2: Mets 5, Yankees 3

(Maine) Game 3: Mets 6, Yankees 1

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