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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wise Moves at Shea

It's not 2007.

This team isn't as doomed as you think it is.

Putting aside the fans, the FAN and the media's ultimatum about a 5-2 homestand aside, and actually look at how they've been playing. The offense is rolling. They've gotten more than 10 hits in five of the last six games. They've scored 12, 12, 1, 8, 4 and 6 runs in the last six games, which is very respectable. The bullpen has actually pitched pretty well (Sosa isn't part of the bullpen btw), and the starters have been very good too (Figueroa isn't a starter). If you could look at this season, or this stretch of games, or even this last game, without also looking at 2007, you'd realize things aren't as dire as they seem.

The Mets have to beat up on bad teams was one of the teams today. Well let's look at the bad teams, specifically the ones in the division, because that's who they play the most. They are 5-2 against the Washington Nationals. Looks good. They are 2-1 against the Marlins. Limited sample, but the Marlins are playing well too. They are 2-3 against the Braves, which is the only team they're under .500 against in the division, and it's only one game, with only about 25% of the series. They are 4-2 against the Phillies, which is probably right where you'd want them to be. Overall that's 13-8 against the division, where the games matter the most.

The Mets made Wise moves today (I know, bad pun) in keeping Smith with the team and not bowing down to options or guaranteed money. Sosa, who was pitching like Mota, was designated for assignment, as was Figueroa who at least has a shot at coming back if he goes to New Orleans. Likely Sosa, baring a Mota type steroid shot to the arm, will continue to suck in the minors or get claimed and suck for someone else. Claudio Vargas will pitch for the Mets tomorrow, and I'll be in attendance. He did win 11 games last year, so hopefully he can find those wins here with the Mets this year. It's tough, but you'd still like to see the Mets go 4-1 against these mediocre teams. If they don't, winning three of four from the Braves afterwards would certainly make up for it.

Nothing is set in stone yet. You certainly don't think the Rays will still be in first place with the best record in the American League (And the best record in the majors if the Diamondbacks lose tonight) at the end of the year do you?

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