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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too Early To Worry or Overreact

Three Game Losing Streak

Doesn't look good does it? The Sunday night game against the Phillies was probably just a result of Pelfrey not going to be excellent every single time out there, and Feliciano's occasional streakiness. Yesterday was probably a result of using the B lineup, coupled with the remaining A guys slumping.

There are some concerns, but it's still a little early to be panicking over them. Delgado has been declining, and it looked rather bad last year. The thing is, he had good stretches where he looked fine. So the ability is still there, and I suspect what he needs is some consistency, some warmer weather, and just some swings. For everyone screaming about Church batting 6th, you have to think that him hitting well in the 6th hole helps Delgado. As little as lineups matter when everyone's not hitting, there are pluses and minuses to each of them.

Luis Castillo has been bad early, but he's also still hurt. Maybe he'll be hurt for the rest of his life and he sucks, or maybe, like Delgado, time will help. I don't want to hear about the contract anymore. Stop thinking about 2011. If this was a one year deal, you wouldn't be complaining about it, and since this is the very first year you can't have a problem that he's on the team in 2011. I liked Gotay too, but he wasn't the greatest defensive player, and he only had a small small sample of hitting successfully. It's smaller than the sample size people are using to bash Castillo and Delgado even.

So give it time. Some of these things may turn into big problems, and then it becomes Willie and Minaya's problems to address, but for now they're merely points of interest. You can't fire the manager, bench your star first baseman, or promote question marks from Binghamton on April 22nd.

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