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Friday, June 15, 2007

Faith on the Subway

I think the Mets are a better team than the Yankees, and despite the past two weeks, I think the Mets are going to win this series. I'll give some reasons for each game, I'm not panicking, and I don't think the Mets are either.

Game 1: Perez vs. Clemens
Oliver Perez has really pitched well here in New York. He's pitched some of the biggest games and done well. Game 7 last year, the three wins against Atlanta, and he beat the Yankees at Shea. He lost his last start and he hasn't had two bad outings like that all season. I expect him to bounce back strong tonight.

Obviously the offense is the problem, but I think they can wake up tonight. Clemens threw well over 100 pitches just getting through six innings against Pittsburgh, and the Mets offense is a lot scarier than that. If the Mets work counts, and let Clemens throw as many pitches as he did in his last start, he won't make it six. Even if the Mets don't capitalize on him, that leaves a good stretch of iffy Yankee bullpen to beat up on. Nothing wakes up bats like Scott Proctor and Kyle Farnsworth.

Game 2: Clippard vs. Glavine
Would you believe people are actually saying that this match-up favors the Yankees? Seriously? Tom Glavine is miles ahead of Tyler Clippard, and after his poor start in Detroit, you know he's going to come back strong. The Mets often struggle against new guys, but Clippard is no longer new, they've seen him before, and they're going to be ready for him. This will be another early to the bullpen day for the Yankees.

Game 3: Hernandez vs. Wang
I feel like this match-up may favor the Yankees a bit, but Hernandez is a fierce competitor, facing his old team, coming off a bad start, and has pitched very very well recently besides that. The Mets have apparently never seen Wang, but he's been around enough that I don't think they're going to fall prey to him the way they would've if this was his first year. At the very least I think the Mets will compete, and he won't pitch a complete game like he did recently. The Yankee bullpen could be tired by this point if my other two games went as planned, so even if he does pitch well, the Mets have a chance to put their foot down on a tiring bullpen.

The Mets are done with their slump. They're going to win these games, because they need to start winning games. Everybody needs to have some Faith in this team. It was 24 years ago today that the Mets started putting together the '86 puzzle by acquiring Keith Hernandez. I wonder if Gary will remember that and mention it to him tonight.


Anonymous said...

Your optimism is wonderful and Oh Pea came through but Glavine awoke the sleeping giant and so tomorrow night's rubber game can probably go either way.

Let's hope the right Carlos Beltran and Delgado show up.

Ceetar said...

Geeze. that's putting it mildly. I've never liked Glavine as a Met, but he was starting to show at least something. And now two pathetic starts in a row. I'm just glad we roughed up Mariano a little bit. We showed some strength, got two hits with the bases loaded and two outs(those hits by Gomez and Reyes may have been the most important hits in weeks..)

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