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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mets Are Still The Best in the National League

It's hard to be optimistic at this juncture, so I'll keep it short. The Mets obviously aren't this bad, it's just not the case. A lot of the problem is hitting, and all of the other problems with mental errors and actual errors and even some of the relief pitching is probably a byproduct of confidence. Once the Mets get going again, and they are going to get going again, these problems should melt away.

One of my biggest complaints is Jorge Sosa and the starting pitching. We've gotten some big games, like Monday night, that have looked like slump-busters, only to have the next day's pitcher pitch us out of it early. This trend needs to stop, and we'll get a stretch of good pitching again that will wake us up sooner or later. You can't micro-manage these situations, blame Willie, blame Delgado or really anybody. They seem to be trying to hard more than not trying hard enough. Tuesday's game turned on Beltran's throw in the second inning. Pressing to help, seeing an opportunity he throws fast and hard and it sails into the stands. If the team is going good, Beltran probably pauses for that split second he need to make an accurate throw.

I can point out positive signs, throw out numbers, but none of it really means anything. The Mets will get out of this, and how they get out of it, and how hard they get out of it will go a longer way in demonstrating how good the Mets are this year than the slump itself.

I do think things need to be shaken up a bit here and there though. None of our outfield moves worked out, but I think we could do with testing out some of our Zephyr relievers up here, just for some new blood. Another new starter might work too, although while I think Sosa might have used up his magic, he definitely gets one more start. I wonder if seeing Philip Humber up here would motivate these bats to wake up for him though? Just a though, I'm sure Omar and Willie are in the process of making something interesting happen, and I trust them.

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