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Monday, June 11, 2007

It's coming, can you feel it?

It's Coming, Can You Feel It?

Okay, there is a lot of bad to talk about lately. I acknowledge that, but you all know the bad stuff, and this is an optimist blog, so we're going to gloss over it.

It sure was nice seeing the Mets score all those runs in the aviary this weekend. Delgado and Beltran have been having some problems, but David Wright is looking fine. Shawn Green will be back tonight, and I think that will plug up the lineup enough to make a difference for a bit. It looks like Carlos Gomez is going to stick around for a while, and he might blossom and start learning to hit.

With the draft ofter, and the season ticking away towards the midway point, the trade market will start heating up. I expect Omar's out there looking to help this team. Think of where we'd be without the mid-season acquisitions last year of Orlando Hernandez and Oliver Perez. This year I think Minaya will be bring in some bullpen help. There are a lot of teams in the market for this very thing, but maybe the Mets have what they need to get someone here.

Mostly thought the Mets need to play better as a team. Guys have played well for stretches here and there, but not all together. No crazy streaks of first inning runs, or nine of ten victories marauding across the country. Part of that could be the struggles with injuries the lineup has had over the last couple of weeks. As I type this now, the Mets already have two runs in the first inning in LA. Both hits, by Shawn Green and David Wright, were hits with runners in scoring position. It's too early in the game to see if they're going to start breaking out of their doldrums yet, but it's a start. I'm not opposed to Shawn Green hitting second, I, and probably Reyes, have missed having someone solid hitting there. I also like that Delgado and Wright were flip-flopped in the line-up. With Moises Alou the only regular now out, the Mets offense can again be declared 'healthy'.

The Mets have almost looked flat in many of their games recently, and they certainly don't look flat tonight. They've come out swinging in Dodger Stadium; another one of those places, like Arizona and Miami, where they're putting together good numbers.

The Mets are full of danger, and they're still waiting for the spark to set them ablaze. When that finally happens, and I have no doubt that it will happen, it's going to be fun.

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