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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Off We Go To Philadelphia

I'm excited about my impending trip to Philadelphia tomorrow for both games of the doubleheader. Maybe after watching the Mets' fireworks, I'll watch the ones provided by Philadelphia after the game. It will be my first time ever seeing the Mets on the road. Mike Pelfrey hasn't looked great in the majors, but maybe he figures it out tomorrow, and the Mets blast enough to win. John Maine continues his consistency tomorrow, and I expect the Mets can win that game too. I know their offense isn't quite there, but they are near the top of the league in batting average, even after the last three days. Obviously they need to get more big hits, and I think they will. I also think some 370 foot fly outs might become 385 foot home runs in Citizens Bank Ballpark.

I've only had one cheesesteak in my life, and it was a generic one at Shea earlier this year. I have yet to find that booth on the field level again after either. I plan to have a nice delicious one down there in Philadelphia, while I enjoy the games. I expect some heckling, but I'll be ready. I'm probably going to wear my Beltran shirt, because it's one of the two shirts I have that easily proclaims Mets on both the front and back. Which is surprising as I have roughly 10 different Mets shirts. It's probably going to be too hot to wear my jersey, so I'm leaving it at home. Our seats for the first game are in the upper terrace section, behind home plate. The nightcap seats are out in left field, in I believe the second area. I expect to have a blast, and hopefully not have to punch anybody wearing a Rollins shirt.

A quick note on tonight's game. I think it's a measure of redemption for Carlos Beltran to express that he can learn from past mistakes, and become a better player. The Mets need to hit the ball hard, in preparation for the weekend. I picked up Orlando Hernandez in my fantasy league, so I'm hoping it pays off. Are last view of last year was a curveball from Wainwright, and I think it's only fitting that the last thing Wainwright sees tonight is a Carlos Beltran home run.

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