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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


With just over one third of the season done, and after playing a couple of games with stunted offense, lets take a look at the projected stats of some of the Mets.

The Spark of the Mets offense, Jose Reyes.
.316BA, .398OBP, 213Hits, 126 Runs, 24 Triples, 78 RBI, 90SB and maybe the most telling of all, 90 walks.

Those are some nice numbers. You especially like to see Jose Reyes taking those walks, and he's still steadily improving. This should at least put him in the discussion for MVP.

David Wright.
.272BA, 96Runs, 24HR, 84RBI, 39Doubles, 33SB, 955 pitches seen

These numbers are not quite up to his usual stats. He struggled for much of April, and hasn't put together a really good stretch yet. The numbers aren't horrible, and he's got more stolen bases then you'd expect. It's probably just a matter of time with him, maybe once Moises Alou gets back to batting behind him he'll find some more pitches to get and get into a groove.

Carlos Beltran
.297BA, 24HR, 105RBI, 21SB, 99Runs

Nothing to special here. His numbers are solid, but nowhere near what he was doing last year. He said he was going to steal more bases this year, and 21 is not bad. The Mets have a lot of speed, and as long as Beltran is taking smart bases here and there, it will help without him swiping 40.

Paul Lo Duca's numbers don't quite tell the story. He's been having a good year, getting hits when needed, and doing what needs to be done at the plate. He doesn't strike out much, and he's gotten 3 sacrifice flies and 2 sacrifice hits. Add in what he adds behind the plate with the pitchers, and how he's drastically improved his throwing to second base, and he has a huge impact.

We all know Carlos Delgado has been struggling this year, but he still will have 24HR and 99RBI if he stays on pace, and if he really starts hitting well again, look out. David Wrights numbers might suffer just because Delgado isn't leaving anyone on for him to drive in.

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