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Monday, June 09, 2008

Aboard the Runaway Train

I don't buy the argument that the Mets are .500 over the last 162. It's a misleading statistic. This team has rarely played .500 baseball. It's played better and it's played worse. Talent wise we all know they should be better. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either disappointed, or a Mets hater.

The biggest, and main reason for their failures has been their inconsistant hitting. They often fail to do the situational stuff, like get guys in from third, or get a big hit with runners on. They're doing better at scratching and clawing and adding on than last year, but often they only do this, failing to have the big 5-6 run innings. Some of this can be attributed to lack of power, notably the decline of Carlos Delgado, who's actually hit the ball well lately. However, as Keith would tell you, they didn't always used to look for the damn 3-run home run. Could this be all the problem is? Rather then trying to simply bloop one or make solid contact up the middle, everyone's trying to drive the ball high and far? Could someone please tell the Mets that a ground ball often scores the run as easily as the sac-fly, so stop worrying about driving the ball or long home runs and just get a hit. Maybe more guys could score from second and go first to third if every hit didn't look like it could be caught causing them to have to hang back.

I'll even give the Padres two of these games. Wagner is going to have the occasional blip, so maybe you give them Sunday. And the offense isn't always going to be on, maybe an opposing pitcher actually pitches well, and maybe the Padres can take one of those other three. Still, the Mets should've been able to take those other two, and they have no excuses. They're backing themselves against a wall for no reason.

100 games left. You could project numbers, guess or estimate what everyone is going to do. And you'd be wrong 95% of the time. The Mets are capable of winning anywhere from 45-70 of the remaining games. The Phillies are capable of losing anywhere from 40-60 games. Looking at the big picture is what got them into trouble last year. I say they look at being in position to take the division back from the Phillies by their next meeting in early July. That is 22 games prior to a four game series. Probably 23 games if you factor in the Yankee makeup. There is no reason why they can't play one game better than the Phillies every week, and be in a competitive place by July.

Who knows where they're going to go, how they're going to play, or if the Phillies are going to keep this pace. It's up to the Mets, and the most infuriating part of it all is that we could be on a train ride headed for a wreck with no way to get off.

Oh, and could they go ahead and announce the Yankee makeup date already? If they'r really planning on doing it in two and a half weeks, it'd be nice to know. Especially if they make it at an iffy time like Friday afternoon.

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