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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rangers Can't Win

Texas Rangers are 1-5 all-time at Shea Stadium. Of course, they've never played the Mets. The Yankees ripped them apart back in 1975 when they played at Shea. The only certainty about this weekend is that the Rangers won't ever have a winning record at Shea Stadium. This isn't an absolute however, but it's unlike the Rangers will visit Shea in the World Series.

I 'have' to go to the game tomorrow. I'm looking more forward to getting my Nathan's Shea replica than the game though. It's sad, but it's a lose-lose situation for a while. They lose, it sucks. They win, okay fine, show me more. It is ultimately still kinda early, and the Phillies aren't going to run away, but they need to get around to figuring out what type of team they want to be and how to play like winners.

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