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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have to Listen to the Leaders

Reyes: Fly Like the Wind

Here's my take on the Reyes thing, I support him fully in this. I think it was a mistake to keep Manuel while firing Willie. If a change was going to work, it needed to be a clean slate, not someone leading that's been through the same problems. So when Manuel starts his tenure by pissing off Wright and Reyes, it doesn't look good.

Wright and Reyes, by example or otherwise, are going to be or already are the leaders of this team. The team revolves around them, and Manuel needs to work with them and allow them the ability to do that.

At least give Reyes the chance to walk it off, jog in the outfield, really see if he's hurt. Manuel, admittedly, said that it was his first day played into his decision. This isn't about Manuel though, it's about Reyes and winning the game, which we had less of a chance to do with Easley. Reyes wanted to play, and the only message this sends besides “I know best” is that he doesn't have to play hard when he's not feeling 100%. Reyes is who he is, and we don't need him molded into some media-darling cookie cutter player. So what if he throws a tantrum? Haven't so many of you been saying how you want to see fire and fight with this team? Well Reyes has got it, he is who he is and trying to make him something else is detrimental to the team, as we saw early in the season when Beltran reminding him to stop worrying about how he's perceived and play the game the way he knows how.

This whole firing situation reeks to me of setting up the team to fail. It sounds like “You can't fire me, I quit!” by Mets management. They've decided the team isn't going to win, set up a fall guy, and laid the groundwork for next year. What they forget is it's early June. I still think the Mets can and will break out of it, but it also feels like the media and management are fighting against it. The team needs to be able to relax, and it doesn't look like this is going to afford them that. Only time will really tell; will this team be counted out on August 1st and pull a Colorado Rockies to make the playoffs after the pressure is off? It's still too early for that too.

1 comment:

Yagottabelieve said...

Nothing drives me up the wall more than the "Trade Reyes" sentiment that pops up every once and a while -- and this sort of thing gets them going.

To me, Wright and Reyes are part of the solution and not the problem.

I thought Jose's behavior was bush last night, but he's still the most talented player on this team.

Great blog, BTW...

~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

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