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Monday, June 02, 2008

Projected Stats

Some projected stats after 55games, just over a third of the season. (Prior to the San Francisco Road Trip)

Pitching projects are approximate since it depends on where they fall in the rotation and days off and all that.(Santana won't end up with 35 starts.) I included total pitches thrown and pitches per game. which are very arbritrary and meaningless. I couldn't find Inherited Runners Scored for Smith, but i'll look more carefully when i next to projections.

I intend to project some of the Phillies players too, and match them up a little bit, but I don't have time for that now, so later in the week.

Reyes, 106R, 189H, 15T, 21HR, 74rbi, 68BB, 53SB .284avg/.347obp/.480slg
Wright, 109R, 186H, 50D, 32HR, 124rbi, 106BB, 24SB, .293/.395/.535
Beltran, 115R, 156R, 44D, 18HR, 100rbi, 106BB, 21SB, .264/.372/.458
Delgado, 130H, 24HR, 68BB, 21D, .224/.306/.383

(47g)Church, 103R, 159H, 24D, 29HR, 100RBI .320/.384/.556
(44g) Castillo, 80R, 127H, 9HR, 27SB, .265/.374/.364
(36g) Schneider, 94H, 44rbi, 27R, .258/.326/.323

Santana 21-9, 35G, 3.20, 209K, 59BB, 239IP, 230H, 3696p, 106(p/g)
Maine 15-12, 32G, 3.66, 189IP, 159H, 159K, 88BB, 3387p, 106(p/g)
Perez 12-9 32G, 4.83, 174IP, 147H, 147K, 121BB, 98(p/g)
Pelfrey 6-18, 29G, 4.98, 165IP, 206H, 85K, 74BB, 2981p, 103(p/g)
Wagner .039, 68IP, 32S, 41H, 82K, 12BB,
Smith 2.95, 62IP, 44H, 62K, 24BB,

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